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Our Services

With HealthCare Dynamics Company comes a full service of highly experienced management and a highly capable team of salespersons and field force members that come from multinational firm’s experiences who are capable of handling regulatory affairs, sales, and marketing. In addition to a tremendous track record of project execution and management in Kuwait.

We have successfully merged principles, shifted lines, and continued the success with other partners. Some of our partners had a good business in our market which we were able to further develop and grow. 

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HealthCare Dynamics Company Services with Business partnership and planning provide a comprehensive market assessment of potential products and potential areas of penetration.

Evaluate competitors, Determine product dynamics, Updated health statistics, Current insight on healthcare infrastructure, customer base, KOL’s & main decision makers through local team and sophisticated data base.

In cooperation with our partners, we also develop a rollout plan for regulatory, resources, product forecast and supply chain, customer segmentation, sales and marketing


Today, HealthCare Dynamics Company is a major player in a diversified healthcare services.

HCD customer portfolio includes:

• Ministry of Health

• Ministry of Defense

• Kuwait Oil Company

• Kuwait University

• Private Sector 



HealthCare Dynamics Company services provide a regulatory outline per product to provide timelines and requirements in order to


ensure that our partner company has full understanding of the terrain and is able to monitor the process of registration.

This is achieved by our dedicated and experienced team with excellent knowledge of the regulatory requirements.


HealthCare Dynamics Company has State of Art warehouse facility with trained well experienced supply chain team to ensure Quality and safety Stock delivered on-time and Prompt supply to customers for both tender and private business.

HealthCare Dynamics Company SC team daily duties include and not limited to:

  • Planning delivery timetables

  • Ensuring stores have enough stock

  • Making sure suppliers have enough stock to meet demand

  • Overseeing the ordering and packaging process

  • Overseeing arrival of shipments

Circuit Board


Our service engineers have developed maintenance procedures and ensured their implementations. HealthCare Dynamics Company


service engineers Carry out inspections of the facilities to identify and resolve issues, quarterly check our installed systems to ensure


functionality and plan and oversee all repair and installation activities.


Monitoring of equipment inventory and place orders when necessary as well as manage relationships with contractors and service


providers. We Ensure health and safety policies are complied with.

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