Roxana Helal

Senior Division Manager - Getinge Unit

Christopher Rozario

Product Manager - Cardiovascular Division

Arianne Corpuz

Product Manager - Cardiovascular Division

We in partner with Getinge to provide solutions for equipment and disposables for cardiac surgery, EVH, and extracorporeal circulation.

It offers heart-lung machines, heater-cooler units, oxygenators, and consumables, as well as artificial lungs and disposable products for open heart surgery. We also offer equipment for operating rooms and intensive care units


Our company offers solutions for specialities and therapies, including interventional cardiology, cardiac surgery, vascular surgery.

We offer forefront technological advances Endoscopic vessel harvesting (EVH) that improve vessel harvesting for coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery.

Cardiac Surgery

Cardio Pulmonary

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