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Operating Tables

The OR tables and accessories from Getinge are modular, ergonomic and can be used across multiple disciplines. The product portfolio features different kinds of tables that can be configured as required. All OR tables provide optimum solutions in every surgical discipline and for every surgical requirement.

Operating Lights

World-class LED lighting from Getinge provides shadow-free, true-color illumination that enhances visibility in precise surgical procedures. Dependable, ergonomic and elegant, ideally suited to your needs.

Ceiling Supply Units

The Maquet Moduevo ceiling supply units range ensures vital utilities and equipment are easily accessible, streamlining workflows and improving efficiency. Simple to implement and use, they enable the better organization of resources, increasing productivity – and consequently, decreasing costs.

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Patient Flow Management

INSIGHT is the patient flow management solution that provides complete transparency, collaboration and overview in and across departments, enabling management and healthcare professionals to deliver the best possible care for patients.

Portable Hygenic Air Cleaning

  • High capacity and efficient removal & HEPA filtration of airborne particles

  • Fast and easy installation at home, office or hospital 

  • Practical solution for obtaining clean area in laboratory or Industry

  • Suitable for patient isolation at the indoor environment

  • Robust and compact design

  • High-Performance low noise operation

  • Increased filter life, low energy cost

  • Simple filter replacement for non-professionals, easy maintenance

Tegris OR Integration

Tegris manages and operates a wide range of operating room (OR) equipment and devices centrally, creating a safer, less cluttered environment free of excess cables or the need for several remotes and battery recharges.

From endoscopes, microscopes, room cameras or feeds from outside the OR, the OR integration system, Tegris offers a simple, unified way of managing all types and numbers of video sources.  It also ensures quick and easy access to relevant patient images during surgery through easy-to-use interfaces and integration with hospital information systems (HIS).

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IHC Hytech has developed a modular standard range of cylindrical and rectangular HBOT chambers. Ranging from six to twenty person designs, the system will be completely factory tested before delivery, and can be delivered on a turnkey basis.
IHC Hytech delivers complete systems, including control console, air compressors, air buffers and firefighting systems. All systems meet the latest industry standards.
Special care has been taken to ensure the reliability and ease of operation of the system, and service level agreements are provided to ensure maximum support to customers.

Chairs for Urology, Gynecology, Urodynamic Diagnostics and upper GI procedures

Our Sonesta products are designed in partnership with physicians to suit different segments of modern healthcare. They are manufactured with the highest quality to guarantee maximum comfort, functionality and longevity.

What all our chairs have in common are the two or three motors that facilitate optimal patient positioning. The unique design also allows the patient to be positioned at heights between 40-130 cm. The low height makes it easier and more comfortable for elderly and patients with disabilities to get on and off the chair, eliminating the need for lifting patients or using a footstool. The maneuverability of the chairs also makes them easier to clean.

The chairs come with cushions developed to combine maximum patient comfort while being easy to clean. We also supply a wide range of accessories that, depending on model, are supplied with the product or purchased separately.

The products are manufactured under stringent quality control. They satisfy MDD requirements, are cleared for sales in the USA and are CE-marked and UL-marked. Each table satisfies the requirements for electromagnetic compatibility EMC and isolation and emission in accordance with IEC 60601-1-2.

Safe & Atraumatic Ultrasonic Bone Surgery.

The piezoelectric technology benefits have been proven over the years in the dental field and is now applied to the medical sector to enhance intraoperative advantages and postoperative outcomes. Operating room certified, COMEG M+ piezoelectric generators are of growing interest among surgeons: safer clinical procedures, improved healing and alleviate post-surgical pain are the main benefits in using M+.  M+ devices are used for a broad range of clinical applications from maxillo-facial surgeries to plastic surgeries such as rhinoplasty where precision, safety and efficacy are a priority. 



For patients and residents with limited or impaired mobility, time spent out of bed may be a specific rehabilitation goal or the highlight of their day.

VTE Prevention

While healthcare facilities are aware of the risk of VTE, care providers do not always have the time, training or resources to implement optimal prevention strategies. With the Arjo Flowtron Active Compression System, professional caregivers can deliver safe, convenient and flexible VTE prevention therapy that helps them achieve compliance and optimal clinical efficacy.

Patient Handling

For patients and residents with limited or impaired mobility, time spent out of bed may be a specific rehabilitation goal or the highlight of their day.

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