Variability and Innovation

MODULA Duo, this name stands for a flexible setup and an optimal combination of functional components and instrument storage space. The function module and instrument cabinet are connected through the dedicated endoscope. This creates the possibility for adapting the treatment unit individually to suit your treatment position. The endoscope management is located between the two module parts and houses a modern control and display unit made of glass. It can be equipped with up to 4 cold light sources (halogen or LED), heatable endoscope holders, disinfection quivers, a holder for flexible endoscopes and more.


Complete equipment and optimal storage possibilities

MODULA Europa, large product variety and individual equipment possibilities. Installed desk, PC workstation, swivel arm or upper shelf for additional devices. We design and produce the unit to suit your requirements. The MODULA Europa`s optimal size allows for all equipment options and plenty of instrument storage space. You can choose from fully extendable drawers as well as instrument shelves with flat stainless steel trays on up to three levels.


Fully equipped yet space saving

MODULA Paris, all functions available in a compact unit. If you only have limited space available or you need a second, small unit with specific functions, this is the right treatment unit for you. The unit is particularly made for small to medium-sized examination rooms to assure efficient diagnosis and highest comfort treatment. Despite its compact size, the MODULA Paris offers plenty of space for instruments and devices.


Mobility and Efficiency

MODULA mini is our most compact unit, yet offering all essential features. Despite its small dimensions, this unit can be equipped with almost all features of the MODULA product portfolio. This space-saving unit offers automatic or manual suction systems, up to 3 cold light sources (halogen or LED), endoscope quivers for rigid and flexible endoscopes and much, much more.

✌ Designed by Jasim @ HealthCare Dynamics Company