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Maquet has designed a full range of masks, breathing systems/circuits and patient specific interface options for the SERVO ventilators. Each of these options is quality engineered to ensure ongoing access to the platforms' key support features while promoting better patient comfort and safety.

Anesthesia Delivery System

Maquet develops market-leading anesthesia units combining ICU ventilator performance with effective anesthesia delivery.

iNO Delivery System

While responding to a patient in distress, you need to react quickly. The Servino device is built to provide precision and accuracy to your NO delivery, enabling you to focus on your patient.

Delivering safe treatment is vital, that’s why we have a highly advanced
NO delivery and monitoring device. It delivers nitric oxide (NO) – a vasodilator – in harmony with many validated ventilators to improve oxygenation, trying to prevent more invasive treatment.

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