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The body plethysmography is a very sensitive lung measurement used to detect complex or mixed lung pathology that might be missed with conventional pulmonary function tests.

Upmost long-term stability in conjunction with our new analysis algorithms enables you to initially differentiate between asthma, COPD, restriction or any combination of these disorders just by looking at the shape of the curve.




  • Ultrasonic flow measurement as standard

  • No volume calibration needed

  • The 3D support arm can be easily adjusted

  • The choice of either a broad bench seat (max. 160 kg) or a height-adjustable swivel chair (max. 120 kg)

  • Automatic and simultaneous calibration of both the cabin and the mouth pressure at three different frequencies

  • BodyLiveCal to test your TGV

  • Ceiling lighting that can illuminate in different colours, including white

  • LEDs indicating the locked state of the door




The accurate and reliable analyzers enable a high-resolution display of the wash-in curves of CO and helium.

Any existing diffusion and distribution disorders become visible at first glance. Our system's demand valve regulates the gas intake, therefore providing economic benefits.




  • No volume calibration needed

  • Determination of diffusion capacity (TLCO) and helium-FRC SB meets ERS/ATS standard

  • Continuous display of the exhalation concentration for CO and helium for the precise differentiation of dead space and alveolar plateau

  • Economical measurement gas consumption

  • Optimization of the breathing manoeuvre aided by informative assistance diagrams

  • Fast multigas CO/CH4/C2H2 analyzer

  • A realtime molar mass helium analyzer




Whether it is for differential diagnosis or for the medically secured support of sportsmen: Ergospirometry has become the indispensable tool for the cardiopulmonary function diagnostics.

The PowerCube-Ergo is the tool that meets the high requirements of cardiopulmonary diagnostics. The pneumotachograph with the variable orifice is lightweight and completely unsusceptible to moisture. The quick, highly stable gas analysers give real breath-by-breath measurements. The user interface can be freely configured for measurement and interpretation.




  • Standard system with Spirometry, Flow-Volume, MVV as well as "ErgoCheck" software for result validation

  • Further options are e.g. evaluation software LFSport, SpO2, Oscillatory resistance, ergometry system etc.

  • Simultaneous display of the 9-panel-diagram according to Wasserman – also on-screen during the measurement

  • Automated determination of the anaerobic threshold by set method (V-Slope, CO2-excess, EQO2 Minimum, RQ=1) or manually in the diagrams



GANSHORN ProvoX is an aerosol dosimeter that performs inhalational provocation tests very rapidly and with reproducible results, measurement lab independently.

The threshold controlled, breath-synchronous application of the preset aerosol dose during the inspiration phase guarantees outstanding reproducible results.


  • Perfect user guidance, simple handling and well-structured display

  • Creation of own multiple stage tests with easy-to-use software

  • Storage of unlimited protocol amount with up to 14 stages – the most commonly used ones already installed (e.g. ATS, DGP)

  • Due to optimal droplet size, constant over entire bolus time, aerosol reaches respiratory tracts particularly deeply

  • Dose-changing by increasing fluid concentration and/or changing atomizing time

  • Highly effective filter for exhaled air prevents contamination of room air

  • Three-liter compressed air tank for stable atomizing pressure, refilling in less than 2 minutes at a low noise level

  • Components for single-patient use ensure perfect hygiene and safety




The SpiroScout is a complete lung function laboratory based on the unique ultrasonic measurement principle of GANSHORN. It enables the exact determination of all spirometric parameters.

As the first of its kind, the SpiroScout simultaneously measures flow and gas density providing all the necessary information about the volume and gas exchange from one single measurement.




  • No volume calibration and no warm-up time necessary

  • Real-time automatic BTPS correction, drift-free, high accuracy

  • High-precision spirometry due to direct flow measurement

  • The sensor is not influenced by humidity, barometric pressure and contamination

  • Extremely high accuracy for low flows

  • No cleaning and maintenance needed

  • Hygienic ScoutTube sensors for single patient use

  • Different options available such as rhinomanometry, oscillatory resistance, capnovolumetry, emphysema test and dead space analysis

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