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An Insight Into Our Wide Range of Products


For many years now, MAQUET Cardiovascular has been one of the world’s leading manufacturers of heart-lung machines and components for extracorporeal circulation. Together with experienced doctors and perfusionists, MAQUET has developed CARDIOHELP System, a comprehensive life-saving system, which can be deployed quickly for a wide range of indications – in the fields of intensive care, emergency medicine, cardiology and cardiac surgery. As a compact and portable system, CARDIOHELP System  is ideal for the treatment of patients who require respiratory and/or circulatory support while being transported.

2. HLS Set Advanced

The HLS Set Advanced provides complete monitoring and is specially developed for veno-venous or veno-arterial extracorporeal support for up to 30 days continuous use.


QUADROX-i family designed with versatility and customization in the foreground: The QUADROX-i system is modularly built to enable simple, customer-specific adjustment – for perfectly customized perfusion solutions. Due to the integrated filter, perfusionists and patients benefit in several respects: minimal priming volume, minimal contact of blood with foreign surfaces and an extremely compact design. All QUADROX-i Oxygenators are equipped with a microporous membrane and are suitable for use with Isoflurane and Sevoflurane. Thanks to this modularity, MAQUET can always offer the best solution – with the highest levels of performance, safety and reliability.

QUADROX-i Adult & Small Adult is SOFTLINE coated as a standard. BIOLINE Coating is optionally available.


With the MECC SYSTEM, perfusion is going minimal. This compact and closed system comprising a minimized set of disposables and hardware – a truly integrated solution reduced to essential components.

The MECC philosophy is more than just shorter tubing. With isolated cardiotomy suction, the external venous reservoir eliminated and priming volume significantly reduced, MECC is a more atraumatic solution for the patient.

MECC’s compact and less invasive approach has opened the door for a closer cooperation between surgeon, perfusionist and anaesthesiologist resulting in optimized patient management. This minimized perfusion approach has opened the door to new patient management.


Maquet perfusion circuits offers a comprehensive range of premium components, including tubing, connectors, fittings, monitoring cells and more.

Each circuit component undergoes rigorous in-house selection and thorough laboratory testing. Designed to meet customers’ needs, perfusion sets are accurately assembled according to specifications and tested using a two-stage quality process that includes inspection following assembly and packaging. The products are then carefully packed for safe transport worldwide.

Maquet perfusion systems comply with international safety standards and are known for excellence and optimum reliability.

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