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An Insight Into Our Wide Range of Products

1. VASOVIEW HEMOPRO 2 Endoscopic Vessel Harvesting System

The result of more than 15 years of continuous advancement, VASOVIEW HEMOPRO 2 is the latest generation of VASOVIEW simultaneous cut-and-seal technology for Endoscopic Vessel Harvesting (EVH). An embodiment of the Maquet commitment to highly refined technology and robust design, VASOVIEW HEMOPRO 2 virtually eliminates thermal spread and helps harvesters safely acquire high-quality conduits for coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery. The VASOVIEW HEMOPRO 2 Endoscopic Vessel Harvesting (EVH) System offers the highest level of design innovation and ergonomic sophistication. It represents the gold standard in vessel harvesting for both the saphenous vein and radial artery—delivering superb visualization and exceptional maneuverability to enable harvesters to work more efficiently and effectively for improved patient outcomes. VASOVIEW HEMOPRO 2 now also comes packaged with the VASOSHIELD Pressure Controlling Syringe inside as a convenience to users taking every advantage of tools that help maximize conduit quality. The VASOSHIELD Pressure Controlling Syringe is a device that protects vessels from overdistension and potential endothelial injury. Vessels flushed at controlled, lower pressures also have been shown to more effectively overcome spasm and maintain their endothelial and medial layers.


MAQUET introduces an innovative retractor system designed to provide unsurpassed access during minimally invasive revascularization procedures. The MIRA-i CS Retractor is a modular system featuring a unique, patented Pivoting Mechanism to maximize access and visibility through the smallest of incisions. A variety of interchangeable Blades attach to the Retractor Arms, which are hinged to minimize workplace interference and improve the ergonomic experience for the surgeon.

3. HEARTSTRING III Proximal Seal System

The HEARTSTRING Proximal Seal System allows you to achieve clampless hemostasis during CABG proximal anastomoses while suturing with your own hand. It's an easy-to-use advance in patient care and helps reduce the release of emboli that can potentially have post-surgical neurocognitive consequences for patients.

4. ACROBAT-i Blower Mister

The ACROBAT-i Blower Mister is uniquely designed for hands-free or traditional handheld use. With a newly engineered nozzle, multiple modes of operation, and precise flow control, the device allows surgeons to deliver a controlled blend of saline and CO2. This gentle irrigation mist helps to consistently maintain an unobstructed view and near-bloodless field during surgical anastomosis.

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