Blood Pressure

1. BP-200 PLUS


BP-200 plus is a non-invasive exercise test blood pressure monitor, designed to automatically measure and display a patient‘s systolic and diastolic blood pressures at preset intervals, or on demand of the operator.

BP-200 plus uses two measuring methods: the SCHILLER K-sound analysis with or without QRS trigger for measurements during exercise test, and oscillometric measurements for resting situations.


  • Real-time display with waveform and measurements

  • Tabular and trend data

  • RS-232 interface for communication with SCHILLER ECG systems (AT-10 plus , AT-104 PC , CS-200 , CS-200 Excellence)

  • BP readings initiated automatically or manually

  • Headphones

  • With SpO2

  • Specially designed for stress tests

2. BR-102 PLUS


The SCHILLER BR-102 plus gives the highest degree of patient comfort.

It is distinguished by its small dimensions and low weight. Incorporating a special technique, the cuff is only inflated as much as needed.


Choose between two versions:

  • Measurements are made using both the auscultatoric and the oscillometric methods, where the oscillometric measurement is used as backup to ensure accurate results for each measurement.

  • Purely oscillometric method – enables reliable blood pressure measurement without microphone

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